Our mission:

Womens Recovery and Refuge Online (WRRO - pronounced "WeRow") is a benevolent community of kind, compassionate, and grateful women. We offer, through our Sangha, a variety of Buddhist informed support services for all women, (including those who self identify as women), seeking ways to liberate the added suffering in their lives caused by addictions of all kinds.

While WRRO online (FACEBOOK) is the heart of our community, in the interest and need for outreach we have developed this website for those who wish to downsize their time on social media.
To that effect, this website intends to keep a current list and description of our phone meetings.
The phone meetings and removals will be updated regularly. And, any advance cancellations will be noted at the bottom of the Phone Meetings page.

Phone number information on all our Buddhist aligned phone meetings can be found on our FB page.

Our aspiration, as a sangha, is to provide a place for women; one free of stalking, lurking, geographical information, or any other technology, that could place our members in a vulnerable or dangerous position. It is true that women who have a safe place to tell their truths, to speak aloud in their own creatively defined ways, and to hear others to do the same, can thrive! As a measure of confidentiality, trust, and for safety we do not record our phone meetings and we do not publicly post our phone numbers.

While WRRO holds closely to the principles and practices of Refuge Recovery and Recovery Dharma, we consider ourself more broadly inspired by Buddhism. Therefore, we remain an independent entity. For us, Buddhism is a practice, not a religion. We find it to be a liberating approach to a more wholesome life while remaining thoroughly engaged with the world, and the cultures we live in.

We hold as true that it is possible to remain in refuge and sustain recovery no matter what a woman's circumstances, conditioning, and capacity may be. We intend to evolve as a growing community and we hope to meet you on this path.